Nur der Tod kennt kein Erbarmen: denn er trägt schwarz. (German Edition)

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If discord arises, The guests are hurled headlong In shame and derision To gloomy abysses And vainly they tarry, Fast fettered in darkness, A judgment of justice. The Rulers almighty Avert eyes of blessing F rom whole generations ; The faces of grandsons Still silently speaking Of sires once beloved They shun to behold.

And thus sang the Parcae. The banished one hearkens In the gloom of his prison, Remembering his children And shaking his head. His working life extended over sixty years and one generation of younger poets after another rose and flourished in his shadow. When he called himself the liberator of the younger men, he could have justified the claim in many ways. In the lyric his liberating work was in extending the bounds of poetry, in discovering and applying the best of the old tradi- tions, in refusing to be bound by them, and in experimenting fearlessly and successfully.

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Unlike Goethe, his great contemporary Friedrich von Schiller — was unaffected by the folk-song. Schiller was a poet ot ideas and ideals, and the philosophies of his time find an expression in his verse.

In his 11 Ode to Joy, we have the noblest rendering of that enthusiasm for Humanity which heralded, if it did not survive, the French Revolution. Was die Mode streng getcilt ; Alle Mcnschcn werden B ruder.

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Wo dcin sanftcr Flugel weilt. Scid umschlungen, Millionen! Und wer's nie gekonnt, der stehle Weinend sich aus diesem Bund I 66 german lyric poetry Was den grossen Ring bewohnet, Huldige der Sympathie!

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Zu den Sternen leitet sie. Wo der Unbekannte thronet. Ihr sturzt nieder, Millionen? Ahnest du den Schopfer, Welt? F rcudc heisst die starke Feder In der ewigen Natur. Freude, Freude treibt die Rader In der grossen Weltenuhr. Aus der Wahrheit Feuerspiegel Lachelt sie den P orscher an. Duldct mutig, Millionen! AusgesGhnt die ganze Welt! Thine the spells that reunited Those estranged by Custom dread, Every man a brother plighted Where thy gentle wings are spread.

Millions in our arms we gather, To the world our kiss be sent! Past the starry firmament, Brothers, dwells a loving Father. Who that height of bliss has proved Once a friend of friends to be, Who has won a maid beloved Join us in our jubilee. Whoso holds a heart in keeping, One — in all the world — his own — Who has failed, let him with weeping From our fellowship begone!

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All the mighty globe containeth Homage to Compassion pay! To the stars she leads the way Where, unknown, the Godhead rei All drink joy from Mother Nature, All she suckled at her breast, Good or evil, every creature, Follows where her foot has pressed. Fall ye millions, fall before Him, Is thy Maker, World, unknown?

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  6. Far above the stars His throne Yonder seek Him and adore Him. Gladsome as her suns and glorious Through the spacious heavens career Brothers, so your courses steer Heroes joyful and victorious. Millions, bravely sorrows bearing. Suffer for a better time 1 See, above the starry clime God a great reward preparing. Rancour and resentment leaving, Be our mortal foe forgiven, Not a sorrow for his grieving. Not a tear to mar his heaven!

    Pardon every debt ungrudging, Let all nations be atoned! God above the stars enthroned Judges us, as we are judging. F ronting kings, a manly spirit, Though it cost our wealth and blood! Close the holy circle. Nur, so lang sie liebten, waren sie. Ob ich den Verlorenen gefunden? Glaube mir, ich bin mit ihm vereint, Wo sich nicht mehr trennt, was sich verbunden, Dort wo keine Trane wird geweint. Wort gehaltcn wird in jeden Raumen Jcdcrn achftnen, glaubigen Gcfiihl. Ami not concluded now, and ended? Have not life and love been granted me? Ask where now those nightingales arc singing Who, of late, on the soft nights of May, Set thine ears with soul -fraught music ringing Only while their love liv'd, lasted they.

    Find I him from whom I had to sever? There thou too shah live with us together. And, of course, he was greatest as a dramatic poet, but his dramatic works lie outside our sphere. German critics add a third name to those of Goethe and Schiller — that of Friedrich Holderlin — ranking him as a lyrist hardly below the greatest. It is a curious example of the divergence of literary estimates within and without a country, for the very name of this poet is unfamiliar, except to students of German, and even they find it difficult to under- stand the enthusiasm of his own countrymen. Holderlin was born in and was therefore much younger than Goethe or Schiller.

    He wrote in classic metres as no German poet has done before or since, and the exquisite form of his poetry was charged with emotion. The coldness which one associates with classicism is not to be found in Holderlin.

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    But he was over-sensitive and unfor- tunate ; in his mind gave way and he never recovered, though he lived nearly forty years longer. His poetry is therefore the work of a young man and the perfection of his style is all the more remarkable. Dim williger mein Hera, vom susscn Spicle gesittiget, dann mir sterbc. Willkommen dann, O Stille dcr Schattenwelt! M But one more lummcr yield me, O Mightiest, Another harvest to ripen my song for me.

    So more willing my heart, by sweetest Melody satisfied, then falls dying. The soul of him who, living, his right divine Attained not, even in Orcus finds no rest Yet once to me — most holy, dearest, Closest my heart — was Poesy granted. Welcome art thou, O silent abode of shades. It corresponds still more to that revival of interest in the Middle Ages for which Sir Walter Scott stood in this country.

    Its literary origins were very similar. The greatest of the early Romantic ooets, Friedrich von Elardenberg — , better known as Novalis, had died a few years before, but his poetry was also influenced by folk- song. His work illustrates the difference between the German Romantics and Scott. They shadow forth thy winsome grace, But, Mary, none of these can show thee As my soul sees thee face to face. And since that sight the world's vain fever K'en like an evil dream is gone, And in my heart abides for ever, Sweet beyond telling, heaven alone. At the same time they lacked Scott s basic common- sense, and his sympathy with ordinary human instincts.

    The prose fiction of the Romantics is quite unlike the Wavcrley Novels. The besetting weaknesses of the movement were formlessness, vagueness, and sentimentality. She pledged her troth — in vain.

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    Her troth is long since broken, My ring is broke in twain. Der Wald ist lang, du bist allein, Du schftne Braut! Du bist die Hcxe Lorelei. Wir armen, armen Toren!

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    How late, how late the night! The little cot is ready, The lamp is yet alight. The winds are wailing, wailing, Above us and around And we are sitting lonely And start at every sound. Ah, fools and blind and wretched! Lost in the dark we roam, In agony and terror, Long since you found your home.

    The Romantic Movement had a short life its force was spent soon after , but while it lasted it affected poets, who stood somewhat apart from the Romantic school, such as Ludwig Uhland! Uhland was a great student of earlier German literature and a great master of the narrative ballad, a form in which the folk-singers had not been particularly successful.

    Then came a bullet flying 3 For you, or me alone? From me it tears him dying. Und wenn die alten Raben Noch fliegen immerdar, So muss ich auch noch schlafen Verzaubert hundert Jahr. The Emperor renowned. Within a tower is holden Enchanted, underground. Not dead is he, but sleeping Alive until this hour With dwarfs for pages, keeping Watch in the hidden tower. The table marble fair is He leans his head upon.

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    His beard, not white but glowing And flaming fiery red, Clear th rough the stone is growing Whereon he lays his head. And, dreaming through the ages, At length he stirs and sighs. And beckons to his pages With half-awakened eyes.

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    And calls in sleep — 4 Forth, vassal, And bring me word if still. As erst, without the castle The ravens haunt the hill. Needs must 1 sleep enchanted Another hundred year. August von Platen stands out as the representative classic poet of this period.